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The other side of the setting

An action–packed circus show, full of stunts and humour.

Let the show begin ! so they say.

However, setting up a show is not that easy. Circus arts require skill,

balance, grace, discipline and an acute sense of team work

Then... everything goes out of hand !

Our two stars and their assistant will do their best to make the show a perfect performance, nearly perfect...

The stage manager gets entangled in his cables, stumbles and falls flat on the stage, the girls squabble and the human pyramids collapse but...

Magic is present all over the place !

And the performers appear, disappear and reappear!

Performers : Marion D'Hooge, Karine Amiot and Sylvain Nouguier.

Director : Laure Seguette / Nathalie Kiniecyk.

Duration : 50 mn