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A discovery of the Circus Arts

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Let's create a unique show together!

Beginners sessions to learn the basics of circus arts, in order to create a show bringing on stage both participants and teachers.

The Cirko Senso company proposes to come along with 2 or 3 professional performers.
Several sessions over a week or more are necessary to achieve this goal in order to acquire the right perception of circus techniques, and then be able to prepare and present a show to conclude this artistic and human experience.
The first stage of the process will be to discover the various circus techniques which fall into five families :
- balance on objects : rolling globe, tight rope, rola-bola, stilts and unicycle,
- juggling : balls, scarfs, clubs, Chinese plates, diabolos, devil sticks,
- acrobatics : rolls, cartwheels, handstand, pyramids, stunts.
- actor arts : clowning and body postures.
- aerial: trapeze, hoops and silks(see conditions with us).

This first step will be carried out on a playful basis for the children to become familiar with the equipment.
For the second stage, the learners will have to concentrate on one or two techniques they will choose according to their taste, their sensibility and their potential. This will be done to help the learner improve and progress in the discipline.
The third step will consist in creating the show. We will build up this show together by linking the acts, rehearsing stage entering and salutes, and this will enable the children to display all the skills they have acquired during the training with their teachers.

This project is above all an adventure, a meeting with professionals. It appeals to fantasy , to creativity, perseverance, confidence and seeking new challenges ,establishing a good rapport with others.
The final show will be the crowning of all their efforts, a way to dare to confront with the other's look, to experience a unique and fleeting moment.